airTRFX Performance and Externalized airModules Dashboards: A Deep Dive into User Engagement Metrics
Katharina Warzel
September 15, 2023
2 min read


Introducing two new dashboards: the airTRFX Performance Dashboard and the Externalized airModules Dashboard.  

Designed to provide a high level of insight into user engagement metrics, these dashboards facilitate smarter decision-making for your airTRFX pages and airModules. From the first impression to the final booking, get ready to unlock a treasure trove of actionable data! 


Inside the airTRFX Performance Dashboard 

This dashboard provides two views: airTRFX Dashboard and Booked Routes through airTRFX Dashboard. 

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 7.12.39 AM.png
  • Aggregated Performance Metrics: Understand the holistic performance across all airTRFX pages. This excludes metrics from externalized airModules. 

  • Behavioral Analysis: Dive into user behavior metrics to identify opportunities for driving traffic to specific pages. 

  • Hyperlinked Insights: Click through URLs and booked routes for deeper understanding. Evaluate page performance after: 

    • adding unique Origin and/or Destination content for improved SEO performance. 

    • creating a Campaign to support your marketing campaigns (e.g. Promotions). 

    • leveraging Custom Assets to enrich your pages (e.g. Videos). 

    • implementing Custom Page 

    • testing different Call-to-Actions in the headline. 

    • implementing suggestions to push, reduce, or keep as is specific route marketing efforts in the Actionable IBE Dashboard 

Booked Routes through airTRFX Dashboard

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 7.12.51 AM.png

With the Booked Routes through airTRFX Dashboard evaluate the routes booked through airTRFX Pages. 



Externalized airModules Dashboard 

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 7.12.59 AM.png


  • End-to-End Performance Metrics: Gain a comprehensive view of how externalized airModules are performing and spot opportunities for additional placements. 
  • Just like the airTRFX dashboard, you can dive deeper into metrics per URL via hyperlinks. 


What Metrics Will You Have Access To?

  • Bookings: Number of completed flight reservations (Number of transactions). 
  • FSI (Flight Search Initiations): Instances when a user initiates a flight search and the next step is the Flight Results page in the IBE. 
  • FSI Rate: Percentage of FSIs post airModule viewing. 
  • Interactions: All user clicks on airModules. This includes filter selections, button clicks, tab changes, toggle interactions, arrow clicks, link clicks, sort selections, slider interactions, filter resets, and open-booking-popup depending on the airModule. 
  • Interaction Rate / Interaction Ratio: Number of clicks on airModules divided by Viewable Impressions. 
  • Look-to-Book Rate: Ratio of bookings to searches in the IBE. 
  • Pageviews: Total number of views on airTRFX pages. 
  • Revenue: Total income from transactions. 
  • Rev./Impr. (Revenue per Impression): Revenue generated per impression. 
  • Viewable Impressions: Instances where at least 50% of the airModule is viewed for one continuous second.  
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 7.13.41 AM.png



Attribution Model 

In both dashboards, the credit for a booking is attributed to the last-clicked airModule. Note that there might be a slight time lag in the reported Bookings and Revenue metrics due to a 30-day revenue attribution window. A user may interact with an airModule and come back to the airline website a couple of days later to complete a flight booking - in the airTRFX Performance and the Externalized airModules Dashboard, full conversion attribution is given to the last airModule clicked. 

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 7.14.14 AM.png

In summary, our new airTRFX Performance and Externalized airModules Dashboards offer powerful insights for optimizing user engagement and decision-making. With comprehensive data and analytics, you can enhance strategies, drive traffic, and achieve marketing goals. Embrace these tools to stay ahead in the digital landscape!

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