Daily Searches by Route Dashboard

General AvailabilityDeveloped by EveryMundo

RM Managers and Analysts action this data by:

  1. Review market strategies to ensure you are able to capture the underlying demand, which could include forecast adjustments or availability strategies.

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About Daily Searches by Route Dashboard

Dashboard Filtering

Filter data by date, departure airport, arrival airport, journey type, flight type, fare class, device, site edition, and departure country.

Data Visuals

Data visualizations allow for a quick and clear understanding of the data.


Additional information or explanations expressed with the help of information tooltips.

Download Data

Download datasets and dashboards in different file formats.

Daily Updates

Dashboards are updated on a daily basis.

FareNet Data

User search data collected directly from the internet booking engine (IBE).

Why Choose Daily Searches by Route Dashboard

Understand underlying behavior

  • Recognize patterns in the underlying market level demand patterns based on searches