Demand and Bookings by Departure Date and Route Dashboard

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This dashboard shows an airline the search and booking volume from their website by route and day for the next 365 days. This is a decision-making tool for network planning, reopening routes and increasing frequencies of existing routes based on the user interest. Airlines can use this information to plan which routes to focus on marketing and reopening first as they are the most likely flights to sell tickets.

The number of searches and approximate number of bookings by travel date across all the routes of the airline. The first summary bar graph provides a quick glance on the number of searches and bookings while the graph below plots demand by popular travel dates.

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About Demand and Bookings by Departure Date and Route Dashboard

Dashboard Filtering

Filter data by date, departure airport, arrival airport, journey type, flight type, fare class, device, site edition, and departure country.

Data Visuals

Data visualizations allow for a quick and clear understanding of the data.


Additional information or explanations expressed with the help of information tooltips.

Download Data

Download datasets and dashboards in different file formats.

Daily Updates

Dashboards are updated on a daily basis.

FareNet Data

User search data collected directly from the internet booking engine (IBE).

Why Choose Demand and Bookings by Departure Date and Route Dashboard

  • Airlines can get additional granular information for each date and route on the grid by using the tooltip.
  • Each box displays the departure date, the number of searches for this route departing on this date and how the number searches for this route rank against the number of searches for other routes in the airline’s network as a percentile.
  • The darker the color, the more demand for a given travel date.