Demand and Seat Availability by Route Dashboard

General AvailabilityDeveloped by EveryMundo

RM Analysts action this data by:

  1. Overall dashboard to learn more about the market characteristics.  Use this to drive better decision making given you know that underlying information.

Maketers action this data by:

1. Decide how much to spend per seat based on the likelihood a sale is incremental

About the metrics

  • airIndex is a numeric value between 0 and 1 that is obtained by syncing data that are indicators of demand and seat availability by route. A value closer to 1 means the route is more incremental.
  • Cost of Sale (CoS) assists airline marketers in determining how much to spend on a passenger based on the chance of an incremental sale

Available for:

About Demand and Seat Availability by Route Dashboard

Dashboard Filtering

Filter data by date, departure airport, arrival airport, journey type, flight type, fare class, device, site edition, and departure country.

Data Visuals

Data visualizations allow for a quick and clear understanding of the data.


Additional information or explanations expressed with the help of information tooltips.

Download Data

Download datasets and dashboards in different file formats.

Daily Updates

Dashboards are updated on a daily basis.

FareNet Data

User search data collected directly from the internet booking engine (IBE).

Customer Data Integration

Uses both FareNet and the customer's database to construct the report

Why Choose Demand and Seat Availability by Route Dashboard

Understand demand

Determine the likelihood that a sale is incremental by pairing the data with load factor data* by departure date

  • Determine pricing to stimulate/capture demand

This dashboard is typically used on a daily basis.

* Load factor data is provided by PROS or the Customer directly.