Fare Finder Map + Sherpa Travel Requirements

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Fare Finder Map provides an all-in-one fare marketing solution (Sherpa Feed Integration) including travel requirements to help the traveler understand Covid-19 and general travel requirements in advance so they travel safely and confidently.

  • Sherpa Feed Integration Required.

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About Fare Finder Map + Sherpa Travel Requirements


Ability to distribute to any web page, including airTRFX.

Travel Requirements

Travel requirements feed integration.

Filtering Capabilities

Allows filtering by Origin Location, Departure Date, and Budget.

Map Modes

Allows selecting the mode that best suits your branding - Standard | Light | Dark.

Top Offer Variations

Allows multiple tool-tip options to optimize map real-estate.

Target Region

Maximize marketing promotion efforts by selecting the map focus region.

Cluster Grouping

Optimize real estate and facilitate navigation by grouping destinations in dense areas.

Origin to Destination Flight Line

Ability to enable/disable Origin to Destination line.

URL Parameters

Tailor experience by adding personalized filters via the URL.

Why Choose Fare Finder Map + Sherpa Travel Requirements

  • Present Travel Requirements - showcase key travel information required for travel (COVID-19 Restrictions).
  • Launch at scale - embeddable across all placements (core website & airTRFX).
  • Route network exposure - display popular destinations for a given origin.
  • Search Personalization - a variety of filters allowing to tailor the traveler's search to their needs.
  • Inspirational tool - help travelers get inspired and decide on their next destination.
  • Mobile-Friendly - anytime, anywhere access across all devices.
  • Easy-to-Use - simple and efficient way for travelers to explore the lowest fares.
  • Maximize Marketing Promotions:
    • Ability to emphasize target regions for campaigns.
    • Provide a more tailored experience using URL Parameters.