Fare Integration

General AvailabilityDeveloped by EveryMundo

We created a custom Fare Integration product that allows us to configure a route list, a few settings, and query fares for a given customer. This helps ensure data completeness and availability across airTRFX and airModule products.

This custom product can be configured to any API that returns a low fare by route for a date, or set of dates.

Available for:

About Fare Integration

Route Customization

Select your own set of specific routes.

Date Customization

Select specific dates that make sense for your configuration.

Currency Customization

Select your currency for each set of routes.

On demand runtime

Run your application on-demand, as needed.

Application Scheduling

Schedule the application to run at specific intervals, dates, or time.

Multiple Travel Classes

Collect data for Multiple Travel Classes, when enabled.

Why Choose Fare Integration

  • Data completeness
  • Fare updates
  • Configurable

What’s Coming