Fare Refresher for Vacation Packages

BetaDeveloped by EveryMundo

The Fare Refresher for Vacation Packages enables an automatic refresh of package prices for a specific route list that helps to ensure price availability. This can also be scheduled for a specific period of time to refresh a subset of destinations in order to update fares as a promotion is ongoing.

For each set of route(s) the refresh can be run continuously or for a set of date(s), and the application runs at a designated time. Multiple configurations exist for the currency(ies) and trip duration.

The Fare Refresher ensures that promoted packages will have prices to display, even for low-searched destinations.

Available for:
Vacation Packages

About Fare Refresher for Vacation Packages

Route Customization

Select your own set of specific routes.

Date Customization

Select specific dates that make sense for your configuration.

Currency Customization

Select your currency for each set of routes.

On demand runtime

Run your application on-demand, as needed.

Application Scheduling

Schedule the application to run at specific intervals, dates, or time.

Multiple Travel Classes

Collect data for Multiple Travel Classes, when enabled.

Why Choose Fare Refresher for Vacation Packages

  • Data completeness
  • Price updates
  • Configurable

What’s Coming

EveryMundo is working on an extensive Fare Refresher UI that will make configuration simpler and more intuitive.