Flights Search Panel + Redemption Units

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Best-in-class flight search tool supporting multiple redemption units booking experience. Allows airlines to drive high-quality traffic to their booking engines and travelers to smoothly and easily select their next destination based on their preferences. The goal is to leverage loyalty programs and add variety to fare purchasing options.

  • Redemption Units:  Miles, Points, etc.

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About Flights Search Panel + Redemption Units

Redemption Units

Multiple redemption units support expanding the target audience. Miles | Points | Cash.

Search Personalization

Standard search options include Origin/ Destination Location, Departure/ Return Date, Flight Type, Travel Class, and Passengers.

Multiple Layouts

Standard vs Progressive layout allowing the real-estate optimization with a sleek look & feel.

URL Parameters

Tailor experience by adding personalized filters via the URL.


WCAG 2.0 - AA Compliance.

Cross Browser Support

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

Responsive Design

UX/UI, Mobile-first, and adaptive.


Multi-language support.

Theme Personalization

Brand guidelines personalization based on: Colors | Typographies | Utilities.

Why Choose Flights Search Panel + Redemption Units

  • Reach Loyal Customers - encourage travelers to book with miles, points, or other redemption units.
  • Multiple Layouts - Progressive and Standard (default).
  • Mobile-friendly - anytime, anywhere access across all devices.
  • Increase conversion - drive high-quality traffic into the airline booking funnel.
  • Search Personalization - a variety of filters allowing to tailor the traveler's search to their needs.
  • Launch at scale - across airTRFX.