FareWire+ Search Endpoint for Airlines

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FareWire+ Search Endpoint is a custom API delivering dynamic fare info and can be used in any custom native apps. It enables you to define request parameters and control the response that will best suit your use case. You design the UI, and place it on any page you want. The implementation is fast and easy and requires limited IT resources to implement. It’s a fixed fee product with unlimited consumption and with no surprise charges. 

Available for:

About FareWire+ Search Endpoint for Airlines


Multi-language support.

Redemption Units

Multiple redemption units support expanding the target audience. Miles | Points | Cash.

Travel Class Filter

Travel class filter support for easier fare comparison. Economy | Business | First.

Filtering Capabilities

Allows filtering by Origin & Destination Locations, Departure Date, and Budget.

URL Parameters

Tailor experience by adding personalized filters via the URL.

Multiple Travel Classes

Collect data for Multiple Travel Classes, when enabled.

Route Customization

Select your own set of specific routes.

Date Customization

Select specific dates that make sense for your configuration.

Currency Customization

Select your currency for each set of routes.

Why Choose FareWire+ Search Endpoint for Airlines

  • Custom APIs deliver dynamic fare info into digital marketing channels and applications in real-time.
  • Unlimited consumption.
  • Unlimited routes.
  • Fixed fee, no surprises.
  • No additional calls to the reservation system.
  • Limited IT resources are needed.
  • Integration with business intelligence.
  • USDOT compliant.
  • GDPR compliant.

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