Property Low Rates Calendar

BetaDeveloped by Front10

The Property Low Rates Calendar is an easy-to-use, effective calendar that helps users to plan their next stay. Users can select a number of nights to view the lowest available rates for the property they are interested in. This visualization encourages users to book longer stays, by promoting attractive lowest rates for those.

Available Filters: Property | Stay Length | Rate Features.

Available for:

About Property Low Rates Calendar


Ability to distribute to any web page, including airTRFX.

Property Filtering

Ability to select the desired Property to display night rates.

Rate Features Filtering

Ability to promote rates with set features such as Suites, or Breakfast Only. Restricted to data availability.

Stay Length Filtering

Ability to display night rates per specific or night ranges.


WCAG 2.0 - AA Compliance.

Cross Browser Support

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

Responsive Design

UX/UI, Mobile-first, and adaptive.

Theme Personalization

Brand guidelines personalization based on: Colors | Typographies | Utilities.

Performance Tracking

Performance KPIs support Impressions | Flights Search Initiation (FSI).

Why Choose Property Low Rates Calendar

  • Launch at scale - embeddable across all placements (core website & airTRFX).
  • Search Personalization - a variety of filters allowing to tailor the user's search based on Property, Stay Length, and Rate Features.
  • Mobile-Friendly - anytime, anywhere access across all devices.
  • Easy-to-Use - simple and efficient way for users with the transactional mindset to explore the best night rates.
  • Increase Conversion - motivates engagement and funnels users directly into the booking engine by showcasing desired stay lengths.
  • UX/UI - Provides the traveler with information and daily rate options within the upcoming months allowing them to pick the best fit dates for their trip in a simple and comprehensive way.

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