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The standard Fares Carousel showcases popular fares recently seen by other travelers, helping shorten the traveler’s decision-making path. An engaging and effective fares marketing visualization, that helps inspire a purchase and make it easier for travelers to book their next trip. - Available Filters: Origin Location, Destination Location, Departure Date, and Budget.

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FeaturesFares Carousel
Why chooseFares Carousel
Launch at scale
Embeddable across all placements (core website & airTRFX).
Compact Layout
Maximizing real estate showcasing popular routes.
Quick Conversion
Shorten traveler's decision-making by offering key data for purchases.
Anytime, anywhere access across all devices.
Engaging & Effective
Inspirational & transactional visualization.
Search Personalization
A variety of filters allowing to tailor the traveler's search to their needs.
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